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China airfares

China airfares

China airfares

Beijing airfares

While in Beijing, you must enter a traditional Chinese restaurant or eatery and order a local specialty. If the Chinese cuisine is not for you, the numerous restaurants will surely offer the dinner you are looking for. If after eating you want to sit down and have a drink with your friends or to make new ones, the bars in Beijing are the perfect locations to do so. Two areas are packed with numerous bars and pubs. These are the Hou Hai Bar Area and the Sanlitun Entertainment District. The latter [...]

Hong Kong airfares

Hong Kong is internationally known because of two reasons. In the first place because it is the center of international trading. The second reason is a most recent one. The entertainment industry was always popular in Hong Kong, but the production of action films featuring martial arts only began in the mid 20th century. In the 60s and 70s, there was an international craze about the Hong Kong action movies. Even so, Bruce Lee was the first who could achieve major success overseas. In the last [...]


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