Los Angeles airfares, California (LAX)

Los Angeles airfares, California (LAX)

Los Angeles, California airfares

Los Angeles, CA, United States

Los Angeles is the second biggest city in the US following New York. This is enough to visit it even if nothing more is said.

Because of its size and area that covers is one of the biggest cities in the whole world, being rated as the 33rd, having a population of 3.8 million. But if you visit the city you should consider not to stay between the city borders because the metropolitan area is the home of over 12 million people hailing from all over the world and speaking more than 200 languages. As you already remarked LA is the city of numbers, really big numbers.

Its climate is Mediterranean meaning that the winters are mild also somewhat wet and the summer hot. The temperatures being annually between 12 °C and 22 °C. During summer it can reach even 35-40 °C. As a conclusion it’s a perfect vacation location in every season of the year.

The first thing the comes to everybody’s mind about California and Los Angeles is Hollywood, but many consider that it is an independent city. The truth is that is a district of LA, the most well-known. If you are a movie-fan it’s a must for you. The Hollywood Walk of Fame is a popular place visited by millions of tourists all around the world. It is the first of its kind, but over the years there were established other Walk of Fames, like in Hong Kong, London, Canada or St. Louis, but also here in Hollywood is the Rockwalk, which pays honor to rock stars.

Hollywood is best known for its relation to the movie industry. Many big studios are situated here, but also is a popular location for filming. If mentioning the movie industry the Oscars are a must. Which are given away also in Hollywood, to be precise in the Kodak Theater, which was opened in 2001. This theater has been the home to many award shows like: American Film Industry Life Achievement Award, Black Entertainment Television Awards, American Idol or Daytime Emmy Awards, two times in a row. But the Miss USA was also held here in 2004 and 2007. But beside the Kodak Theater there are many theaters that give home to numerous venues.

Along the Walk of Fame, Hollywood has another trademark: the Hollywood Sign. This is over 90 meters in length and the letters are 15 meters tall each. This sign appears in many films and TV shows, but is known by less that the original sign was “HOLLYWOODLAND” and was an advertisement for the housing projects built here during the 1920s. The sign began to deteriorate after the official maintenance ended. In 1949 the letter O splintered and broke. This way the sign was “HuLLYWOOD”. In 1978 there was a campaign to restore it, leaded by the rocker Alice Cooper. Other 8 donors gave around 30,000 dollars to fix the sign. The Warner Bros. Records was one of the donors beside Hugh Hefner or pop singer Andy Williams. As the Walk of Fame the sign was mimicked by other cities or persons. To date there are at least 50 such signs, including in Switzerland, Tunisia, Israel or New Zealand.

But Los Angeles has other popular tourist sight too. If you are traveling with your kids you will probably visit Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure. But if you don’t have kids you may stop by for the kid inside you – who would miss the chance to meet Mickey Mouse or to try a roller coaster.

If you are more into sunbathing and going to beaches here is situated the famous Malibu beach. Need to say more? For shopping you must visit the Rodeo Drive, Beverly Center but you shouldn’t miss out The Grove at Farmers Market – where are even trolleys inside the mall.

Los Angeles metro area is also called Greater Los Angeles. Here are situated many motion picture studios like Warner Brothers, Paramount, Walt Disney or 20th Century Fox just to name a few.

LA being situated on the side of the Pacific Ocean it is a perfect escape for the sea lovers and for those how are passionate about the sea life. They can chose from 5 water parks, zoos and aquariums, like Aquarium of the Pacific or Los Angeles Zoo.

The City of Angels is also a great place to be for those who like cultural events and expositions. There are over 15 museums, including Bowers Museum or Los Angeles County Museum of Art. There is also from to chose for those interested in science. Discovery founded the Science Center and Toyota the USA Automotive Museum here.

If you would like to get goose bumps you definitely should visit Mission Inn which is a mysteriously bizarre historical landmark hotel in Riverside.

Once being the biggest ocean liner, the Queen Mary today is serving as a hotel and tourist attraction in Long Beach.

If you would like to enjoy the nightlife you can visit Santa Monica, Hollywood and the Sunset Strip. The strip being situated near Hollywood Hills there is a good chance to see some of your favorite celebrities. Here is the famous Whisky Bar – at The Sunset Marquis’ lobby – where the biggest rock stars were regulars, like The Rolling Stones, U2, Aerosmith or Eminem. You should be looking for this bar as Bar 1200 these days.

The Las Vegas Strip also got its name from the Sunset Strip. This boulevard is the home for the famous Rainbow Bar and Grill and the Viper Room. Santa Monica is also a great place to spend your night. The guarantee for this is that many A-list stars chose this place as their residence, like: some of the singers from The Pussycat Dolls, Bob Dylan, Tobey Maguire or Robert Redford. If the Entourage, Pacific Blue or Seventeen are your favorite TV shows or movies then you should search some of the setting here, because they all were shot here.

So whatever passionates you, it can be found in LA. Visiting this city you simply find anything imaginable at your fingertips.

When it comes to air transportation, Los Angeles is one of the most important hubs in America, its well-known LAX airport being third in a list of the most busiest airports in the United States (right before the Chicago O'Hare International Airport and the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport). Obviously, having such high traffic (estimated at around 33,000,000 boardings per year) also means there will be a lot of airlines handling this traffic, sometimes competing each other on the same routes. This creates an opportunity for us, the travelers, as there are more opportunities for discount airfare deals available.


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