Port Arthur/Beaumont airfares, Texas (BPT)

Port Arthur/Beaumont airfares, Texas (BPT)

Port Arthur/Beaumont, Texas airfares

Beaumont: A part of the Golden Triangle

Overview of Beaumont

Beaumont is a city located in the state of Texas, United Sates and forms the Golden Triangle with two other cities, Orange and Port Arthur. The twin city (Beaumont) is a part of a major industrial area located on the Gulf Coast and had a population of over 113,000 as per the 2000 census.

Beaumont is the home to the Lamar University, which is one of the recognised universities in the country. Large reputed companies like Gulf State Utilities is headquartered in Beaumont. This city also hosts the annual South Texas State Fair and is attended by a record number of people.

The city of Beaumont is situated on the coastal plain of the Texas River and is nearly 48km from the famous Gulf of Mexico. Dense pine forests border the south of the city in the region of East Texas. Neches River border Beaumont on the east while it is surrounded by the Pine Island Bayou to the north.

Beaumont- Air Transportation

Beaumont area is served by the Southeast Texas Regional Airport, which is situated near Port Arthur in the state of Texas, United States. This large public airport is located nearly 14 km from the central main business district of the city of Beaumont and was previously known by the name of Jefferson County Airport. The name of the airport was later changed to promote the use of its services.

The Southwest Texas Regional Airport is usually used for the services of general aviation, although it is served by a commercial airline. Tourists and travellers can travel to and fro from Beaumont area by paying discounted airfares. There are many airliners, which provide cheap flights to Beaumont. However, the affordable rates are offered on certain days of the week. If you wish to avail these discounts, you should plan your journey accordingly.

If everything goes as per plan, you can travel from Los Angeles to Beaumont at a price close to 591$, which considering the general rates is quite low. So, whatever may be, do not miss out on this opportunity.

What to See in Beaumont?

The city of Beaumont attracts thousands of tourists all throughout the year. Some of the important and famous places of interests in the area include Julies Rogers Theatre, Edison Museum, Lamar University, Beaumont Botanical gardens, Spindletop-Gladys city Boomtown Museum and the Dishman Art Gallery. Apart from these places, you can also visit the Fire Museum of Texas, which is considered to be the home of the largest fire hydrants in the world. The Jefferson Theatre is also a must visit place in the city with its historical stage that presents stage and musical performances every week.

Beaumont nightlife

The city of Beaumont has a number of nightclubs and popular restaurants that remains open all throughout the night. Some of the famous restaurants include Crockett Street, Cactus canyon, Vortex, Nells Place and Jazz bar.


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