San Francisco airfares, California (SFO)

San Francisco airfares, California (SFO)

San Francisco, California airfares

San Francisco: Liberal Global Tourist Hotspot

Overview of San Francisco

San Francisco is regarded as a particularly liberal mainstay in modern US, with its acceptance of the gay rights movement and the like. Present-day San Francisco is an important global cultural, financial and transportation nucleus. The city ranks eighth in the US and 15th worldwide in terms of its GDP. San Francisco attracts millions of tourists from all over the world each and every year. Visitors are impressed by the lush scenery, the summer fog, and the pristine Victorian buildings blended with modern architecture. While San Francisco is a vibrant business city, it offers one of the highest standards of living in the world due to its many choices.

San Francisco Transportation

San Francisco has chosen to adopt the quasi-European arterial thoroughfares rather than an extensive network of freeways. The city is connected to neighboring places by such busy routes as Interstate 80, US Route 101, Interstate 280, State Route 35 and State Route 82. The BART or Bay Area Rapid Transit links San Francisco with the East Bay region. Besides, Muni or the San Francisco Municipal Railway runs a light railway system as well as a bus network of diesel hybrid buses. The city’s cable car network has been earmarked as a National Historic Landmark. The city is also eminently accessible by its seaport.

San Francisco Airfares

San Francisco International Airport {SFO} is serviced the most by United Airlines, which serves the commuters with cheap flights to San Francisco on selected days. It has developed into the 14th busiest airport in the US and the 26th busiest airport worldwide. Several neighboring airports also manage visitors to the city, in particular, the airports in Oakland (cheap airfares to Oakland), San Jose, Concord, Santa Rosa and Sacramento. Several venues of cheap airfares to San Francisco exist. The historical average airfare from Los Angeles to San Francisco is $170.

What to See in San Francisco?

Tourists visiting San Francisco can have a grand time enjoying the best of the city’s several attractions. The lovers of museums have the chance of visiting such remarkable museums as the Guinness Museum of World Records, Ripley’s Believe It or Not! and the Museum and Tattoo Art Museum. For nature-lovers, Shakespeare Garden or Stow Lake would be the right place to spend enjoyable time. Besides, San Francisco has the Holy Virgin Cathedral, several beaches and over 200 parks, like the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate, San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park, Park Ocean Beach, Baker Beach, Golden Gate Park, Japanese Tea Garden and Candlestick Point. And of course, the main one of the main attractions never to miss is to see the Golden Gate Bridge. San Francisco will prove to be the tourist’s final delight, no less!

Nightlife in San Francisco

San Francisco boasts of a richer range and diversity of nightlife than perhaps any other city that one could think of. There are nearly 1,250 active nightlife establishments that you can try out for a night of relaxation or thrill. Whether you are out to dance, drink or enjoy some more liberal activities, San Francisco offers all. Some of the more popular places are Rockit Room, Uby Sky, Red Devil Lounge, Dolce, Club Deluxe and many others.

When to visit San Francisco

San Francisco is a city you can visit year round. While most Southern Californians will claim that the city is cold, it's still in California and the weather is moderate to warm year-round. Naturally, most visitors come to San Francisco during the summer months, but you may as well go anytime during the winter. San Francisco may have some more rain than down South, but it's still always comfortable.


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