Daytona Beach airfares, Florida (DAB)

Daytona Beach airfares, Florida (DAB)

Daytona Beach, Florida airfares

Daytona Beach: Provides The Wonderful Expanse Of Atlantic Ocean

Daytona Beach is one of the most romantic beaches not only in Florida (FL), USA, but in the entire world. The hotels by the beaches capitalize a lot on these natural testaments of beauty.

Daytona Beach Overview

Daytona Beach provides the wonderful expanse of Atlantic Ocean at its splendid best. The water sports like surfing and kayaking are a treat here and the provocative beach volleyball adds to the general scenery. The tourist destination promises a mingling of different races from across the world lazing at the sands. The city has translated the beach earnings into being a prime urban city. The hotels & malls have specially become an integral part of downtown Daytona.

Daytona Beach Air Transportation

The Daytona Beach city is connected with the others in a very stylized way, with a couple of highways and solid lined bus and rail services. The airport Daytona Beach (DAB) is a brilliant exposition of a busy airport, which handles the crowd in a smart fashion. It has all the amenities perfectly covered up. The Orlando, Florida ORLANDO INT`L (MCO) (52.6 miles), located nearby, works quite well as an added alternative.

Cheap Daytona Beach Airfares

For those Daytona tourists, who look for spending less on travel expenses and more elsewhere, cheap flights to Daytona Beach are perfect for you. There are some great bargains on offer, if you are patience. The bargains have a good life span and pruned only in unavoidable situations. One of the examples for low airfares is the availability of a trip from New York (LGA) to Daytona Beach (DAB) with an average price of 353$. The deal is very tempting.

What to See in Daytona Beach?

The attractions in Daytona are as wide as the waves. The ocean is of course the best attraction by miles at Daytona Beach and is ever rocking with the hustling crowd. The other ventures in the area are Ponce De Leon Lighthouse and Museum & Marine Center. The city is also the place for top speeds and the awesome game of NASCAR, as well as Daytona International Speedway host the international race and fills the air with thrill. The Angell and Phelps Chocolate Factory provide a sweet respite and ride through the world of chocolates.

When to Visit Daytona Beach?

Daytona Beach has a very maritime climate and as such may be visited in all the seasons. However, the frequent tornadoes and hurricanes make you cautious to be here in the rains, if you are a tourist.

Daytona Beach Nightlife

The nightlife here is a mélange of various things and is not exclusive for the drinking people. While the Boot Hill Saloon gives a fashionable element to the nightlife, Clocktower Range, Hooks Landing and Razzles dress up the drinks with good food and music.

Daytona Beach is a wonderful city to spend the weekend and be in the sands, soaking in the maritime air and watching the sunset by the sea. The hotels provide breathtaking sites of the Atlantic City.


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