Frankfurt airfares, Germany (HHN)

Frankfurt airfares, Germany (HHN)

Frankfurt, Germany airfares

Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt is one of the largest German cities, and part of the Frankfurt Rhine Main Area, the second largest metropolitan area in Germany. This metro area has just under six million residents, while the city itself it the home of 667,000.

The economy of this city lies on three pillars: finance, transport and trade fairs. Because of this, it is indispensable for the city to have well developed transportation routes. In Frankfurt’s case, these are the famous autobahns, the railroads and air traffic. The Frankfurt International Airport is at about 15 minute drive from the city center. With over 250 destinations, it is one of the busiest airports in the world. Beside this, it is also the biggest cargo airport.

The Frankfurt Hahn Airport is located over a hundred kilometers from the city, but it is also popular because several low cost airlines use this, instead of the busy international one. In 2007, over four million chose the Hahn Airport. This means many passengers, but compared to the traffic of 55 million passengers at the Frankfurt International Airport, it is negligible.

The stable economical life of the city attracted many foreign investors. This way Frankfurt could develop continuously. Beside multinational trading and banking companies, the city became popular among international hotel chains, which saw a potential in the city. In the last decade, many hotels were opened here and slowly but surely, Frankfurt became a popular holiday destination too.

The high quality of life attracted many immigrants, mainly from Turkey, Croatia, North Africa, Iran, Italy, Spain and even the United States. Today Frankfurt is a multicultural city, with people of more than 180 nationalities. The city is the home of many originating from far eastern countries, such as Korea.

Frankfurt has a temperate continental climate, bringing warm summers and cold winters. Rainy days are not characteristics of this climate. During summers, the temperature is between 12 and 25 °C, while during winters the average high is around 6 °C. Usually in December and January, it can drop below zero. Four separate seasons are also present, making the city very popular among tourist looking for a holiday destination without temperature extremes.

This German city has many significant old buildings, most of which are in Altstadt. This is the old city district of Frankfurt. With a history, dating back to 8th century it is a very popular area among tourists. The beautiful old buildings in the central square of this district, The Roemerberg, create a special contrast with the modern skyscrapers of the surrounding districts, such as the Innerstadt – the downtown.

Many museums are operating in the city. While visiting Altstadt, you should go in the museum in this area. Frankfurt is also the home of Museumsufer, literally meaning Museums Riverbank. The Stadel is the largest out of the eleven museums that are situated in this area. Visitors can have a look at the 600 paintings and sculptures exhibited in the Stadel. This art museum has a collection larger than this but not all the paintings are displayed. The Museum of Applied Arts is very popular among dilettanti too.

Located in the West end area of the city is the Senckenberg Museum. This museum has one of the largest natural history collections in Europe. It’s famous for the dinosaur skeletons displayed and also has the largest stuffed birds collection. Annually almost half a million visit this museum.

Frankfurt is the home of the famous Gothic styled Saint Bartholomeus' Cathedral. During the World War II like most of the old Gothic buildings, the cathedral was destroyed partially by bombardments. The interior of this beautiful building burned down, and the renovation took place only in 1950. Another church had an important role in Frankfurt’s history. This is the Paulskirche. Opened in 1789 as a Protestant church, later became the seat of the Frankfurt Parliament. Today it doesn’t operate as a church but rather as a cultural venue. Various events are held here, like the Frankfurt Book Fair’s main event, the Peace Prize of the German Book Trade awards.

Frankfurt had an opera house since 1880, when the Alte Oper was inaugurated. This beautiful concert hall was the home of many significant premiers, including the Carmina Burana in 1937. Like many building of the city during the bombings, the Alte Oper was destroyed. After 1953, a fundraising started for the reconstruction of the opera. In 1981, the Alte Oper reopened. It has two main halls and several smaller ones; the Grosse Hall has a capacity of 2,500, while the Mozart-Saal of 700. Because the Opern- und Schauspielhaus Frankfurt was built in 1951, today concerts and plays are held in the Alte Oper, meaning Old Opera.

In Germany, skyscrapers are not popular. Frankfurt is the only city to have several buildings with heights of over 150 meters. The 63 floor MusseTurm was Europe’s tallest building from 1990, having 257 meters. In 1997, this was eclipsed by the Commerzbank Tower, which was two meters taller, and was the tallest building in Europe until 2005.

Frankfurt is also known in Europe because of the festivals that are held here. Museumsuferfest is the major festival of the city. Because of this festival, the city’s museums stay open far into the night. The streets are filled with people who can choose from concerts and performing arts shows. Temporary shops offer anything from jewelry and clothes to various cuisines. The apex of this three-day event is the firework show, which marks the end of the festival. Every year around three million people visit Museumsuferfest.

Beside this cultural festival, several others are also held in Frankfurt, like Dippemess – Festival of Stoneware, the Wäldchestag – Woods Day, Wolkenkratzer Festival – Skyscraper Festival, and Sound of Frankfurt. The latter was held each year from 1994 until 2004. There are rumors that it will be restarted in the summer of 2008.

Frankfurt is Europe’s music capital. In the early 1990s several DJs started to play a harder and deeper house, which became the modern techno style. The popular Omen nightclub was the cradle of trance music.

Despite the fact that many precious historical buildings were destroyed in the World War II, Frankfurt today is a very popular holiday location mainly among Europeans. The very rich cultural life of the city attracts millions each year.


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