Italy airfares

Italy airfares

Florence airfares

The closest airport is Peretola Airport or better known as Amerigo Vespucci Airport, which is known as Florence airport however it’s administratively located in the Sesto Fiorentino. The airport shuttles to the city costs EUR 4.50 each way. The city is connected to most of the major European cities by air. If you look on the web for long, you will find cheap flights to Florence easily available to you, which can make your transportation cost quite affordable. In case, you do not get an [...]

Milan airfares

Milan is situated in the beautiful Lombardy plains and is the second largest city of the Italy. Apart from being the regional capital of Lombardy it is also the capital of the Province of Milan. The population of this city is approximately 1 million and the area of the urban part is most probably more than 4 million. The metropolitan area of Milan holds the population of approximately 7 million and is the largest in Italy. Milan is all about the fashion and design where one can shop, and enjoy [...]

Naples airfares

If you are on a budget, then it would be advisable to visit when cheap flights from New York to Naples are available. But if you want to experience the different seasons then you will be happy to know that Naples enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate. The best time to visit it would be between spring and summer and the months of September and October. Since it located near the Mediterranean Sea, it remains warm during most of the year except the winter months. It is advisable not to visit the [...]

Rome airfares

Rome is the seat of the Italian government and is the national capital of Italy. It was the capital of the great Roman Empire, and also home to the Vatican City, a place of high religious importance in the books of Christianity. Rome’s popularity can be easily understood by the fact that it is the third most visited city in Europe. It is the blend of the old Roman Empire, Christianity, Baroque, the Middle Ages, fascist era of Mussolini and the contemporary Rome, which we know today.Rome [...]

Venice airfares

Most of the nightlife in Venice starts in the evening. There are some great bars like Harry's Bar, Hotel Monaco and Margaret Duchamp which are distinctly decorated and have a lively atmosphere. There are very few clubs in Venice. Most the people go to Mestre to enjoy themselves, but if you would rather stay in Venice then you can check out Disco Club Piccolo Mondo or Casanova Disco Club. If you are in the mood for some good music, then you are likely to be a little disappointed. There are [...]


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