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Knoxville airfares, Tennessee (TYS)

Knoxville airfares, Tennessee (TYS)

Knoxville airfares, Tennessee (TYS)

Knoxville, Tennessee airfares

Knoxville: the paradise on the way to smoky mountains

Of the many areas that provide exciting surroundings and lovely things to do on your way to the smoky mountains, Knoxville is the place where you can get the small city charm and peace along with the big city fun. This place is surrounded with incomparable natural beauty.

Overview of Knoxville

The third largest city in the US state of Tennessee and also the county seat for the Knox County it was founded in 1786. After Nashville, that was found in 1779 it ranks as the second oldest city. This city got its name from Henry Knox, who was the first secretary of war. Knoxville was also known as the underwear capital of the world during the 1930’s and it was given such a nickname because of the large number of textile and clothing mills in the city. Some of the other nicknames include the marble city, taken during the early 20th century.

Knoxville Air Transportation

The airport serving the Knoxville metropolitan area is the joint civil-military Mc Ghee Tyson Airport (TYS). The airport has been put on with a smoky mountains theme, along with fake waterfalls and fake wood carvings of bears. The carrier servicing this airport and having the largest market share is the US airways, yet you can look for other cheap flights to Knoxville too.

Cheap Knoxville Airfare

Even though the carriers taking you to Knoxville directly offer reasonable prices, yet for a tourist it’s most pinching to part away with money on travelling. He will try to save as much as possible. For that very purpose, one lovely suggestion would be to look for cheap airfares to Asheville, North Carolina as Knoxville is just 84.8 miles from there.

What to see in Knoxville?

You can just not afford to miss the market square, be it for movies, food and drink or just for shopping, it’s simply the best place to be. You could take a walking tour to go through the city as you slowly go through a historical era of music, war, ghoulish ghost stories and more. There are many outdoor activities to be enjoyed too, after all this place is in the foothills of the smoky mountains and on the banks of the great Tennessee river.

When to Visit Knoxville?

Due to higher altitude, Knoxville is not as hot as the other areas and it basically falls in the humid subtropical climate zone. The best time to visit is from April to November. If you plan to go during this time period you could look for Cheaper flights from Hartford to Knoxville with an average price of 334$ only.

Knoxville Nightlife

Knoxville has a healthy and a happening nightlife. You can treat yourself to all kinds of music from pop to reggae, country to classical you name it and Knoxville has it. Check out the Baker-Peters Jazz Club for its historic location and the elegant atmosphere creates just the mood for some quality dining with great music. The 4620 is the most favorite place for drinks in Knoxville.

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