Lancaster airfares, Pennsylvania (LNS)

Lancaster airfares, Pennsylvania (LNS)

Lancaster, Pennsylvania airfares

Lancaster: Old is gold

This Pennsylvania Dutch country is one of the most fascinating places to be visited on earth as the tourists can get a feel of unchanged farm life since the 1880’s.

Overview of Lancaster

The county seat of Lancaster County, the Lancaster city is a city located in the south central part of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. It’s the eighth largest city in Pennsylvania and it’s the 101st largest metropolitan area in the whole United States of America with a population of 494,486.this city was originally known as the hickory town, as named by native John Wright as per the English city of Lancaster. It is also home to Wheatland which happens to be the estate of the 15th president of the United States of America john Buchannan. This city was also one of the winning communities in the All-America city award in the year 2000.

Lancaster Air Transportation

Lancaster is served by the Lancaster airport (LNS) which is a public airport located six kilometers from the central business district of the city of Lancaster. It is serviced by one chartered airline and one commercial airline, however it is used basically for general aviation. It is the single airport in Lancaster and the carrier servicing this airport with the largest market share is the US airlines. Even though the tickets to Lancaster by the popular carrier service come at a fair price, you could however look for other cheap flights to Lancaster.

Cheap Lancaster Airfare

If a place is popular and has a single airport to serve its needs, it might just become a situation if time at stake and you have to reach Lancaster city with no flights actually helping you sort out your problem. Well, a small and a rather helpful detour would not harm. You could look for cheap airfares to Harrisburg, and travel by road the remaining 28.7 miles all the way to Lancaster.

What to see in Lancaster?

First and foremost do not miss out on Wheatland, the estate which was home to president john Buchannan before and after his tenure at the white house. The central market is a good place for shopping. Visit the Amish country for the historic feel and a scenic drive across the city. Visit the heritage centre museum of Lancaster to know all about it.

When to Visit Lancaster?

Even though the natural beauty of Lancaster city makes it a year round destination, its best seen during spring season. If you plan a trip during this time of the year and are interested in saving some cash on your means of travel up till Lancaster city, you could look for alternative routes and search for cheap flights from Boston to Lancaster with an average price of $189 only.

Lancaster Nightlife

The nightlife in Lancaster is not at all happening and if you end up real late, you might spend the night looking up at the clear night’s sky and marveling the stars.


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