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Ottawa airfares, Ontario (YOW)

Ottawa airfares, Ontario (YOW)

Ottawa airfares, Ontario (YOW)

Ottawa, Ontario airfares

Ottawa: The bytown of Canada

Ottawa, the capital of Canada and the fourth largest municipality, is situated in the southern most part of Ontario. The Ottawa River flows along the city and it is this waterway, which forms a boundary between Quebec and Ontario.

Overview of Ottawa

With no administrative district in Ontario, Ottawa enjoys the liberty of a municipality and is also a part of the National Capital Region. The city became the capital of Canada in 1857. Ottawa is a one in all cities with culture and architecture forming the base of tourist attractions and transportation and industrial development making it reach higher and higher. With a strong history and a fantastic geography, Ottawa suits everyone and the rich heritage that envelops it, pleases everybody.

Ottawa Transportation

Being the capital of the country makes it an excellent transportation hub and undoubtedly it has the finest transportation and communication system thus connecting it to the outside world. Served by Highway 416 and 417, Ottawa remains as busy in night as it is during the day. Bus services such as Greyhound and OC Transpo globalize it. Then comes the VIA Rail and O-Train. It not only makes communication easier, but also faster. However, the most preferred one is the travel by air as it is les time consuming and more relaxing. To get the cheapest deal on air ticket, you can opt for cheap flights to Ottawa.

Cheap Ottawa Airfare

Frequent travel by air may turn heavy on your wallet and you may end up making the journey shorter. However, there are options by which you can land in a nearby airport in Casselman and then reach Ottawa by bus or by train. To do the same, you can search for cheap flights to Casselman.

What to see in Ottawa

With a great cultural background complemented by a superb architectural beauty, Ottawa along with its natural beauty and scenic landscapes attract millions of tourists from all over the world. The government buildings, the official residences, the National Museums, heritage structures and memorials all are homed in Ottawa. The Rideau Canal serves as the summer waterway and a skating center. Then there are the innumerable parks and greeneries. Even worth seeing are the Carleton University and Saint Paul University. The Victoria memorial Museum and the Canadian Museum of Nature are also worth seeing. However, the best idea to enjoy all of these is to stay in a nearby city and cherish the memory of the same. To do so, you can fly from Toronto to Ottawa.

When to visit Ottawa

Ottawa enjoys a humid continental climate and the temperature fluctuates in maximum. From 38 degree above zero in summer, it can drop to 35 degrees below zero. So, the best time to visit the city would be in the months of April and May when the temperature remains just optimum to support your enjoyment.

Ottawa Nightlife

Ottawa enjoys a very special nightlife, especially in winter. In addition to the most famous restaurants and pubs it flaunts, it also has some of the best breweries. Again, you will find the musical theatres and pubs making each day of your stay wonderful.


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