Oxnard/Ventura airfares, California (OXR)

Oxnard/Ventura airfares, California (OXR)

Oxnard/Ventura, California airfares


Oxnard overview

Oxnard is a great city in the California’s Ventura County. In population terms, it is the largest of all the cities and is a very important agricultural center of the world as well. It is situated over the west edge of Oxnard plain which is very fertile and produces astounding quality of lima beans and strawberries.

Oxnard air transportation

The awesome air services of Oxnard are serviced by the regional airport of the place, the Oxnard Airport. This airport is for public service and is situated a mere mile away from the west of central business district of Oxnard, Ventura. Covering over 216 acres and sporting a runway, this airport offers immaculate services. The tourists can avail greatly cheap flights to Oxnard by making their bookings online and well in advance.

Cheap Oxnard airfares

Tourists can easily enjoy and revel in the cheap flights to Oxnard as some very reputed airlines serve the area with their great services. The regional airport of Oxnard serves the population enough and holds timely and regular flights to various destinations. If you too are traveling to this great place then it is advisable that you check the cheap airfares to Santa Barbara before you start with your journey and see if you hit the jackpot and save some money.

What to see in Oxnard?

Oxnard is a great place that offers with incredible number of destinations to enjoy and a have a great time at. The plaza park is a lovely favorite with most of the tourists and hosts a lot of events all throughout the year. It also has a lot of shops, restaurants, museums and movie theaters along with. The Carnegie art Museum is another attraction along with the Heritage square which brings to life the rich historical, cultural and agricultural heritage of Oxnard. The Petit Playhouse, Gull Wings Children's Museum and the Ventura County Maritime Museum are other places of interest that offer with maple sightseeing opportunities and entertainment for the visitors.

When to visit Oxnard?

Cheap flight from Portland to Oxnard are not available all throughout the year, so if you are bound by a tight budget, it is essential that you plan in advance and act accordingly. If you are planning to visit the place in the best of its seasons, then it is pertinent that you know about the climate of the place in order to be able to plan accordingly. The climate of Oxnard in summers reaches a temperature of 60s is pretty cool in winters and goes beyond the 50s. August is the warmest of the month while December is the coldest. There are temperature variations between night and day and thus proper clothing is to e carried. Spring is the best season to visit Oxnard to enjoy it to the fullest.

Nightlife in Oxnard

Nightlife in Oxnard is truly amazing and mesmerizing as there are many pubs, dance bars, lounges and other places where the visitors can hang out for some excitement and fun. The most popular places for enjoying the nightlife are the BJs restaurant and brewery and Yankee Doodles.

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