California airfares, United States

California airfares, United States

Burbank airfares

Burbank is home to a number of attractions and the city has many things to offers its visitors. Warner Bros Studio, De Bell Golf Course, Bat Cade and NBC Studio are some of the most popular attractions in Burbank. The Burbank Spa and Garden is an exotic place that attracts a good number of tourists every year. Tourists could also enjoy a visit to the Warner Bros Museum which is a major movie studio that features a number of costumes, animation cells and props collected more than 75 years since [...]

Carmel airfares

Some flights, which land in San Jose International Airport, start from places like Las Vegas, Denver, Los Angeles, San Diego and Omaga. The airfares for these flights range from $369 to $771. Flights, which have San Francisco International airport as the destination start from places like Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Seattle, Denver and San Diego. The Air Fares for these flights range from $126 to $146. Flights, which are destined to Oakland International Airport, start from New York (NYC) to [...]

Fresno airfares

The city of Fresno is served by the Fresno Yosemite International Airport, which is also known as the Fresno Air Terminal and located nearly 97 km from the Yosemite National Park. The Fresno Air Terminal covers an area of 2150 acres, having one helipad and two runways. In fact, this airport is the only major air transportation centre in the region of San Joaquin Valley and is also the home to the 144th Fighter Wing and the Fresno Air National Guard. The Fresno Yosemite International Airport is [...]

Modesto airfares

Throughout the entire month of June 2009, you are going to find everything right from the street fairs to the classic car parades, showing and concerts of American Graffiti as we are going to celebrate Graffiti Summer. Modesto is located in the center of one of the nation’s greatest agricultural areas. There is an option for you to taste the “Modesto” in the Farmers Market. Again, you can also get your hands on the several fresh products stand in the area. Most of the gardens [...]

Monterey airfares

American Airline is the largest airline in the world and the second largest airline company in the world. The headquarters of American airlines is Fort Worth in Texas and is owned by AMR Corporation. The flights of American airlines not only fly throughout United Stated but also to Canada, Latin America, Western Europe, Japan, China and India. US Airways Express has its headquarters in Salisbury, Maryland, USA. Philadelphia International Airport, Pittsburgh International Airport, [...]

San Diego airfares

San Diego also has a whopping 26 museums. Here you will surely find what you are looking for, from maritime museum through photographic, aerospace and heritage museum all the way to railroad museum. There are also over a dozen parks that you may find interesting if you like culture or you will start to love it after visiting one of such parks. The most important is Balboa Park – which houses more museums -, but there are many more like Belmont Park – which is a historic themed park. [...]

San Francisco airfares

The cultural life of the city is very colorful. It offers chances of enjoyment for both modern and classic music lovers. Other performing acts can also be viewed at the War Memorial Opera House which houses the San Francisco Opera and San Francisco Ballet, or if you would like to listen to a symphony you may visit the Davies Symphony Hall home of the San Francisco Symphony. San Francisco is the home of Museum of Modern Art and the Palace of Fine Arts, which houses the Exploratorium. This is a [...]

San Jose airfares

Unlike New York or other major cities in the US in San Jose’s downtown you can’t find skyscrapers. The cause of this is that a flight path is nearby, so there is height limitation. This gives the city a unique look. There are not so many historic structures due to the re-development of the downtown area but you can find some, like: the DeAnza Hotel or Hotel Saint Claire. Many of the buildings in the city are characterized by having unusual exteriors and painted in bold colors. The [...]

Santa Rosa airfares

Santa Rosa has umpteen destinations that tourists might envy visiting. You can scour the Jack London State Historic Park, the Russian River Resort Area, or the Armstrong Redwoods State Reserve. The adjacent towns of Petaluma, Windsor, Guerneville and Sonoma are also favorite lures for the city’s tourists, and they can be easily accessed from Santa Rosa. The diverse attractions for tourists in Santa Rosa include Charles M. Schulz Museum and Research Center, Prince Memorial Greenway, and [...]

Stockton airfares

Stockton is a city located in California. It falls under the San Joaquin County, which is the fifth largest with respect to agriculture. The total population of the city is approximately 290,141. It is an inland city and the fourth largest in the state. Again, Stockton is the first city to have an inland port in California. The city has some great educational institutes. It has three public school districts that include Lincoln United School District, Stockton Unified School District and Lodi [...]


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