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Rhodes airfares, Greece (RHO)

Rhodes airfares, Greece (RHO)

Rhodes airfares, Greece (RHO)

Rhodes, Greece airfares

Rhodes, Greece

Rhodes is the largest Dodecanese Island. Despite being part of Greece, the climate is very different from the one that dominates on the Greek peninsula. The reason is that it is located at only 18 kilometers from southwest Turkey.

Being inhabited since the Neolithic and because of its location, the island suffered numerous sieges by different armies wanting to rule its harbor and this way an important area of the Mediterranean Sea.

Because of its historical and architectural importance the Old Town of the city was included in the list of world's heritage sites. In the last decade, the city of Rhodes as the whole island became one of the top tourist destinations in the world.

Built in the second century BC the Colossus of Rhodes was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. This was a 30 meters high statue of the Greek god of the Sun, Helios. Despite the fact that it lasted only around 50 years, even today many are searching its ruins, making the harbor and Monte Smith hill a popular tourist attraction.

Even if no trace of the colossus is present today, the island is a real paradise for the lover of the ancient architectures. Around ten famous ruins can be visited while in Rhodes, including two acropolises, two castles and a temple. The Acropolis of Rhodes is only 3 kilometers from the city, and the Temple of Apollo is located here too. Partially reconstructed today, this site is a tourist favorite. The Acropolis of Lindos is at a longer distance but every kilometer is well worth. If you get through the wall of The Acropolis Castle, the view is breathtaking: St. Paul’s bay is a beautiful bay with a very narrow exit to the sea. The Doric Temple of Athena Lindia is one of the best-preserved ancient temples. This trip shouldn’t be considered only a one-day trip, because the city of Haraki is situated just below the acropolis and is a popular holiday resort. Beside the Greek cuisine you can enjoy in the numerous taverns and restaurants, the city has many holiday apartments. For those who want to stay in a hotel the Haraki Bay Hotel is the best option, being situated at only three meters from the beach.

Those who want to enjoy water sports should consider visiting Ialysos, which is a popular location among wind-surfers because of its location on the windward northwestern coast of the island.

If you don’t want to leave the capital of this island, you still have plenty of historical sights to visit. The largest of these is the Old Town, which is an internationally certified heritage site. Another district that is popular among the tourists is the Jewish Quarter. The main attraction here is the Kahal Shalom Synagogue, a nearly half century old Sephardic synagogue. The ruling attraction remains the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes, built in the 14th century by Knights Hospitaller. As the result of an explosion in 1856, a large part of the palace was destroyed, but Italians rebuilt it after they occupied the island in 1912. The renovated palace became a popular holiday destination among Italy’s rulers of that time. In 1948, Rhodes was transferred to Greece, and today the palace operates as a museum.

It proved to be a wise move to open the Rhodes International Airport in 1977. Since than the Diagoras Airport (the short name of it) became the fourth busiest airport in Greece. You also have the opportunity to rent small airplanes. Because its developed harbor network of airplanes is not the only option, numerous luxury sea liners dock at one of the harbors of the island.

Being the capital of the island Rhodes ensures that you feel like you should in a tourist-oriented city. The rich cultural life and the vibrant nightlife make sure that you enjoy every moment of your stay.

Because of the different occupants of the island today many styles of architecture can be seen around the city. The signs of all these styles – including Classical, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman – are well preserved and presented to the tourists.

After days of walking in the summer sun searching for ancient ruins, you may appreciate the coolness of the six cinemas the city has to offer. If you are looking for a place for gambling than you have to visit the Grand Hotel Summer Palace. Here you can find The Casino of Rhodes.

The city has something for everybody. If you want to dance all night long to current hits or to the vibes of the last decades than you will be happy to see how many trendy bars and nightclubs are open all night long. Many famous clubs are in Rhodes like Amazone, Versus or Alaloum. Of course, you can find great bars to spend your nights in too, like Veggera, Juke Box or Sticky Fingers. If you want to have everything at the same place, you should visit the Lindos tourist resort. Here you have hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs and shops just a few steps from each other. The internationally known Faliraki resort is also operating on this never sleeping island.

Rhodes, both the city and the whole island, is a special place where ancient buildings and ruins are present just like the numerous clubs and bars ensuring that visitors will spend a holiday that they will never forget.

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