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Vancouver airfares, British Columbia (YVR)

Vancouver airfares, British Columbia (YVR)

Vancouver airfares, British Columbia (YVR)

Vancouver, British Columbia airfares

Vancouver: Celebrate the young spirit

Overview of Vancouver

Ranked among the three most livable cities in the world, Vancouver’s history begins from 1860 when the famous Fraser Canyon Gold Rush attracted immigrants in huge numbers, especially from the United States. The transcontinental railway in 1887 helped the city prosper to a great extent from a lumber mill to a metropolitan centre and the port of Vancouver became very significant following the construction of the Panama Canal. It is the largest metropolitan state in western Canada and also the third largest in the country. And it is the next hot spot for the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Vancouver air transportation

The air transportation in Vancouver is managed by the Vancouver International Airport (YVR), which is the second busiest airport in Canada. It has also won several awards and was even awarded the title of the best airport in North America in 2007. The Trans Link buses 424 and N10 connect the airport well with the other parts of the city. There are many flights offering high-class services to passengers for a nominal fare, yet you could still look for cheap flights to Vancouver at your own will.

Cheap Vancouver Airfare

If paying Vancouver a direct visit seems too heavy on your pocket, you could obviously try looking for cheap airfares to Chemainus as both of them are just 38.4 miles apart and you can easily board on a cheaper roadway means of transportation to reach the city.

What to see in Vancouver

This city has many historical sights, which include Roedde House Museum, Gaoler's Mews, The Mansion and Yaletown. If hiking, mountain biking, snowboarding, skiing and sleigh rides gets your adrenaline rushing, then the grouse and the cypress mountains are the best places to enjoy these sports. You can also enjoy camping in Garibaldi Provincial Park.

When to visit Vancouver

Vancouver generally has a constant weather throughout the year and experiences four temperate seasons. June to August is, however, the most favorable time to visit Vancouver, as the summer here is comfortably warm with lesser rain and loads of outdoor activities. For people who love skiing and golfing, spring is the ideal time to visit. However, if you want to save some money and the rush of crowd, January and February can be ideally suited to your needs. You could also save money by looking for cheap flights from New York to Vancouver with an average price of 384$ only.

Vancouver nightlife

Nightlife in Vancouver is simply amazing. Rather it can be expressed by the fact that the third most popular holiday attraction for tourists in Vancouver is clubbing as it has an abundance of excellent nightclubs, which include The Irish Heather. Vancouver City has got several dance bars, which include The Alibi Room. This is the place where top music themes that include rock, hip-hop and jazz played by famous DJs teaming up with a dance bar. They are amongst the best places available for meeting the locales of Vancouver and dancing along with them through out the night.


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