Spirit Airlines Round Trip Airfare Deals Starting At $88

Spirit AirSpirit Airlines has recently launched a new round of summer discounted fares for domestic and international flights that continues through November 15. And the best part is that the destinations of some flights are summer hotspots like Nassau, Bahamas, Tampa, Florida and Kingston Jamaica. Therefore, provided you planned to spend your summer holiday on one of these amazing cities that feature golden beaches and a bustling nightlife, you can pocket some extra bucks and go for Spirit’s profitable deal.

Now, supposing you fly from Spirit’s hometown of Fort Lauderdale to the sun-kissed Nassau, Freeport or Tampa take advantage of Spirit’s hot deal featuring a price that starts at $88 round trip. And since this airline company has lowered the bar on flight prices, a roundtrip with one of Spirit’s plane to Kingston in Jamaica starts at $208. The only condition is to book your ticket(s) 7 days minimum in advance. You can find more information regarding these deals on Spirit’s Sales Page.

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13 Responses to “Spirit Airlines Round Trip Airfare Deals Starting At $88”

  1. deborah otero says:

    my 88 yearold uncle is sick near lubbock, texas and I WOULD LIKE TO FLY FROM PHOENIX,AZ. I COULD RENT A CAR IF IT WOULD BE DALLAS

    • lori says:

      Hi Deborah,

      I’m sorry for your uncle..
      Here’s what I’ve found for you: flying to Dallas instead of Lubbock seems much more reasonable, the difference in the price is $90.
      You can fly from PHX to DFW for $351 on Frontier Airlines, 1 stop flight; American Airlines and US Airways has non-stop flights as well, starting from $452.

      Flying to Lubbock (LBB) on the same dates would cost you $441 on a 2 stops flight (flying with multiple airlines) and $449 on a 1 stop flight (flying with Contintental Airlines).

      I have searched for departure date on 05/26 and return on 06/02.


  2. when booking them don’t go back a few days later and then book them or the price will go up. you see a cheap deal that you like take it. that happens with cheap airlines like easyjet and ryanair

  3. tudi says:

    Hi, I found multiple deals at the partners we’re working with. To check out the deals, please use our search engine at http://www.metafares.com and select your dates and destination/departure, as well as the companies you’d like to search with. You’ll be prompted with several deals that you can compare and choose the best offer :)


  4. P J Meick says:

    We are both in our late 70. We are looking for a cheep fair from TPA to DCA December 21 and return December 26 or 27. We would like to spend Christmas with our family who can meet us there. Thank You

  5. tudi says:

    Hello Thelma. First of all, sorry for the situation you’re in. I will e-mail you of what I have found in terms of deals.

    Abe, please check our airfare search engine on the homepage of metafares.com , enter your desired departure and destination points, as well as the dates you want to travel in . Make sure you choose all of our partners, so you can find a wider array of deals. Price depends on what kind of deals our partners cover, so you might find something in your budget.

  6. thelma jane younger says:

    Can some one please help this senior ladyof 64yrs. find a real cheap flight to detroit michigan, and back to waco tx.? My older sister is passing away and I would love to see her and say goodbye before she dies. Please some one help all I can find is $700.00 tickets. Thant is more that I live on for a month.I live on disability at only $694.00 that is it. Please Can some one open their hearts to help me?

    May God Bless and keep you safe.
    Thank You
    tTelma J. Youngr
    Phone: (254) 235-7859

  7. Abe says:

    I need a one way fare from NYC Laguardia Airport to Phoenix, Arizona 8/11 morning preferably for $88.

  8. tudi says:

    Hi Kathleen,

    I found multiple deals in August between your destinations. Please use our search engine on the homepage of metafares.com to look them up since they’re too many to link here.

    What you need to do is enter the airport codes in the from and to fields and your preferred flight dates and you’ll get several results you can pick from.

  9. Kathleen mcclusky says:

    I am trying to arrange a trip from either CVG or Dayton (ohio) to DCA and then onto ISP and back to CVG. Can you help me?

  10. tudi says:

    Hi Carl, from what I could tell on Spirit’s sales page the deal isn’t available near you during those dates, only later on. However, you could check out some other good deals between CA and NV using our travel search engine on http://www.metafares.com ‘s homepage.

    Hi Luz. Where are you flying from? Spirit’s deal only extends to flights to and from San Juan, Puerto Rico if your flying to or from Orlando or Fort Lauderdale.

  11. LUZ M GUZMAN says:

    hi i will like to go to San Juan Puerto Rico,on july 24 2009 and return on july 27,2009 .

  12. CARL R. WOSJE says:

    My wife and I live in Bishop, CA. We would rather fly from Reno, NV on August 6, 2009 to Wichita, Kansas to attend a three day seminar. We hope to be able to return on August 9 following the closing of the seminar in the afternoon.

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