Cheap hotels in Norfolk under $100 per night

Norfolk Harbor from above

Norfolk Harbor ©Missy Schmidt/Flickr

Norfolk is one of those pleasant cities of the East Coast but is also widely known for its military importance. So for those in the army and not exclusively, here are some cheap hotels in Norfolk under $100 per night. All the Norfolk hotels our deal hunting team found are 2 or 3 star hotels, mostly near Norfolk Intl. Airport or near the military areas.

→ Super 8 Norfolk Chesapeake Bay from $41 per night
→ Days Inn Norfolk – Military Circle from $44 per night
→ Econo Lodge – Military Circle from $55 per night
→ Ramada Norfolk Airport from $70 per night
→ Magnuson Hotel Norfolk Airport from $56 per night
→ Tazewel Hotel Downtown from $85 per night
→ Red Roof Inn Virginia Beach – Norfolk Airport  from $80 per night
Find the same deals using the data we provide or your own travel dates, enter them in the search box, choose 3-4 providers and click ‘compare prices’ to find cheap hotels in Norfolk. Note that our deal hunters found these rates on Bookit.

You can find the below Norfolk hotels under $100 per night if you use the same check-in and check-out dates, but hurry up, there are limited rooms available!

hotels under $100
Hotel NameRatingCheck-in
Check out
Nightly rate*
Super 8**Feb 24 2013
Feb 26 2013
Days Inn**Feb 11 2013
Feb 13 2013
Econo Lodge**Jan 29 2013
Jan 31 2013
Ramada**Jan 25 2013
Jan 27 2013
Magnuson**Feb 4 2013
Feb 6 2013
Tazewel***Feb 20 2013
Feb 22 2013
Red Roof Inn**Mar 14 2013
Mar 16 2013

*Nightly rate is per night per room and includes all taxes and fees.


Price: from $41/night; incl. taxes and fees

Destination: Norfolk, VA

Book by:  subject to availability

Hotel rating: 2 and 3 star hotels

Hotel name: Super 8 Norfolk Chesapeake Bay, Days Inn Norfolk – Military Circle and more

Travel dates: from now to the end of February 2-13

Found on: comparison search box

Taxes and fees: taxes and fees are included in the featured rate

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