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A nature lover’s top US 5 urban destinations

Thursday, June 19th, 2014
Phoenix desert

Phoenix desert ©dinobrienmuzyka/Flickr

When one thinks about an urban escape, probably the last thing that comes to our minds is nature, but it is possible to travel to a big city and still admire amazing landscapes – you can see below how. Many big cities lie very close to natural parks and other outdoor attractions, so you can easily visit one or another beautiful place.

Check out the top 5 urban destinations in the US for nature lovers and decide where you want to travel during your next city break. Any of these places make a perfect vacation spot! (more…)

Top 3 natural wonders in Wales

Friday, March 8th, 2013
Coastal Path National Trail, Wales

Coastal Path National Trail ©Row 17/Flickr

The United Kingdom seems to be a big collection of breathtaking places full of fairy tales, legends and supernatural creatures. One of these lands is Wales, the country of very long words, dragons and castles – did you know that there are abut 600 castles in Wales?

The Celtic and medieval heritage go hand in hand with the beauties of the land, so behold the top 3 natural wonders in Wales. The video below shows only a little part of what wonders await, from the windy seacoast of Pembrokeshire to thermal water lakes and green pathways. (more…)

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