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Grenada airfares, Grenada (GND)

Grenada airfares, Grenada (GND)

Grenada airfares, Grenada (GND)

Grenada, Grenada airfares

Grenada: Spicing up the Caribbean

The ‘Spice Isle’ offers a lot of things for a perfect holiday destination. The white sand beaches and black sand beaches coexist in this beautiful island so does the unimaginable Crater Lake.

Overview of Grenada

Grenada is indeed the spiciest island in the Caribbean offering nutmegs, cloves, ginger, cinnamon and cocoa. It is a volcanic island and hence the soil is very fertile. It is a group of islands offering picturesque beaches, cascading rivers and waterfalls, lush green rainforests, amazing mountain lakes and unspoilt coral reefs. Grenada offers a rich colonial history and a part of the British Commonwealth. Which means the Queen is the Head of state.

Grenada Air Transportation

The airport is on the main island of Grenada about 4 miles from its capital St. George’s and called Point Salines International Airport. All major airlines fly into the island and offer cheap flights to Grenada. The citizens of any Commonwealth country don’t require a visa to visit Grenada. You can opt for cheaper airfares of other airports, which include cheap airfares to Port of Spain. It is connected to most of the European cities by air. Some of the other cities outside Europe are also directly connected to Grenada. Routes between Baltimore to Grenada, which can be covered at $734 and some of the US cities too. For other cities in Asia or Australia, you need to change and reach the beautiful islands.

What to see

Grenada has lot of sight seeing options. For exploring most of the beauty this place offers you will have to visit it with lot of time in hand. Check the Grand Etang Nature Reserve for the Crater Lake, the Grand Anse Beach, Seven Sister Waterfall, Gouyave Nutmeg Factory, Morne Rouge Bay, Honeymoon Waterfall. These are some places which are a must visit list. There are so many other places to visit. Like one of the oldest rum factory still operates on water wheel and many such places. Grenada is unspoilt and is a delight for a nature lover. Which other place will offer biking and water sports at the same time. The coral reefs are another attraction for anyone who loves to see underwater colourful lives.

When to visit Grenada

Grenada is warm almost throughout the year however the months from Nov to Feb are quite chilly. Which means the perfect timespan to visit Grenada is small. You can either visit in between Jan to May or during some festival. The sailing festival is in Jan and Carriacou carnival in Feb and Grenada Carnival in August can be another times when you can visit Grenada.

Grenada Nightlife

Grenada has rather quiet nightlife compared to the other islands. However there are options of hanging out in clubs or pubs. The weekends offer better nightlife than the weekdays. While you are in Caribbean you can always dance on the rhythms of Calypso and Soca. Jazz and Latino is also played by pubs on specific days. Live music is not very common however if you look for places playing it you might find a few. The nightlife is rocking during the carnival time. The night seen extends to wee hours and its quite crowded during Carnival.

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