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Halifax airfares, Nova Scotia (YHZ)

Halifax airfares, Nova Scotia (YHZ)

Halifax airfares, Nova Scotia (YHZ)

Halifax, Nova Scotia airfares

Halifax: Canada’s Vintage city

Overview of Halifax

The city of Halifax was the largest city in Atlantic Canada until 1996. Established in 1841, it was the capital of Nova Scotia province and Halifax County’s Shire town. Greater Halifax has a population of 340,000 (over one third of Nova Scotia's total) and is the capital city. It was founded in 1749 and was referred as the 'Birthplace of British Canada'. It was also known as the "City of Trees" and the "City of Firsts”. In the 1990s, however, after the amalgamation of Halifax with its suburbs under a single municipal government, it ceased to be noted as the capital and is no longer an incorporated city. Today, the city is a community of Halifax Regional Municipality.

Halifax air transportation

United airline is the carrier servicing Halifax with the largest market share. However, you can also look for other cheap flights to Halifax at the Halifax Stanfield International Airport (YHZ).

Cheap Halifax airfare

Even though the fares generally asked for by the airline taking you to Halifax are moderately priced, tourists generally want to save as much as they can on their travelling expense. They wish to spend more on enjoying at the place of visit. Keeping that in mind, you could look for cheap airfares to Truro airport, which is just 51.4 miles from Halifax.

What to see in Halifax

The best of eastern Canada reveals itself in the tiny villages or towns you never planned to stop in. Halifax is no exception. It provides a more of a laid-back culture. However, the friendliness of this local and the attractiveness of the scenic street are rated legendary by experts. There are a lot of things to see and do in Halifax. How about a church built in a day, which too back in the times when there were not any hi-tech machines to assist a builder. Yes, the Chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows is one such church, which dates back to 1661.

The Halifax Public Gardens, which is located at South Park Street & Spring garden Road’s corner, are oldest when it comes to formal Victorian gardens within North America. Halifax’s urban bustle is apparent along the scenic Waterfront area. When you are in Halifax, do plan for spending some sunny hours relaxing, as you are going to experience energy alongside the Waterfront region. This revived area is full of tourists and locals.

When to visit Halifax

The best time to visit Halifax is undoubtedly during the summers. And the best part is that if you want to save some extra cash during that time and also are looking for ways to minimize travel expenditure you could always look for cheap flights from Orlando to Halifax with an average price of 287$ only.

Halifax nightlife

Nightlife may not be that hip and happening like the European counterparts, but if you want to have your share of some amazing Celtic entertainment, you could check out the Lower Deck. It is one of the popular bars for locals & tourists. This bar is highly recommended when live entertainment is concerned.

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