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The best place to visit in Osaka is the Osaka castle. The castle is built in concrete and oskakans enjoy their evenings out here in the surrounding parks. There is a fee to seethe castle from inside while the parks have no such charges. Japan and its city Osaka has a wider historical and scientific scenario that can be witnessed in the Osaka Museum of history and Osaka Science Museum. There is a bizarrely shaped building in Osaka which stands as the city landmark. It is named Umeda Sky Building. [...]

Tokyo airfares

Those who are looking for less scientific content, the Ueno Zoo is the perfect place. Since the 1882, opening this was the largest zoo in Japan. Today it is home to over 400 species. Some endangered species are also living here: the western lowland gorilla and the giant panda. In the spring of 2008, the giant panda of the zoo, named Ling Ling, died of heart failure. Following this, China agreed to transfer a male panda. The zoo also has a Sumatran tiger, which is a critically endangered [...]


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