Osaka airfares, Japan (KIX)

Osaka airfares, Japan (KIX)

Osaka, Japan airfares


Osaka overview

Osaka is the second largest city in Japan and considered as the gourmet capital. Its location is near the river Yodo on the Honshu Island. Local autonomy law prevails here and the city holds a record for largest difference in daytime and nighttime population. The city can be called economic and commerce centric. The temperature her can range from 32 degrees in summers and drop till 2.9 in winters; July and august being the hottest months.

Osaka air transportation

The main airport that serves all the aviation needs of the city is the Kansai International Airport. The airport is actually an artificial island. Being a major airport, all the major airlines have connectivity to the city. The best way to travel is to board cheap flights to Osaka.

Cheap flights to Osaka

All the major cities of japan have their separate airports which lead to better connectivity with all the major cities in the world. Traveling to Osaka is made much easier due to the nearness of many airports in the nearby cities. Cities like Okayama and Tokushima too have small airports. cheap airfares for Okayama are also available in order to fly affordably.

What to see in Osaka?

The best place to visit in Osaka is the Osaka castle. The castle is built in concrete and oskakans enjoy their evenings out here in the surrounding parks. There is a fee to seethe castle from inside while the parks have no such charges. Japan and its city Osaka has a wider historical and scientific scenario that can be witnessed in the Osaka Museum of history and Osaka Science Museum. There is a bizarrely shaped building in Osaka which stands as the city landmark. It is named Umeda Sky Building. To get an open air view of Osaka, you can take a lift and reach its rooftop. Take care because this awkwardly shaped building is 40 storeys high. Japan has various Shinto shrines and on of the oldest is situated right here in Osaka. It is named Sumiyoshi Taisha. The architecture of the building stands apart from every other shrines in Japan. Shitennoji temple is an example of continental style of 6th to 7th century. Japan mint is one other place that offers the travelers a chance to praise the natural beauty in Japan. The place attracts many tourists and even inhabitants. Tsūtenkaku tower was built in 20th century and has been given a new version. The tower symbolizes the reconstruction of the city after WWII. There is an Open Air Museum of Old Farmhouses which has Edo period farmhouses on display. One interesting place to visit when visiting Japan is the Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum. You must have guessed by the name. This museum is dedicated to the person who invented Ramen noodles. You can also visit many aquariums or witness a live sumo wrestling championship.

When to visit Osaka?

The climate here is very cold in winters and hot n summers. The best season to visit the city remains the spring season. The city also receives heavy precipitation at times. There are cheap flights available from Vancouver to Osaka.

Nightlife in Osaka

The people of Osaka enjoy their nights out at various clubs that also offer world class cuisines. Some of the famous pubs are Common Style, Hub, Lupu and Bar KamaSutra. Café de jumpin jumpin is one of the Osaka’s lesbian and gay bars.


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