Lahaina airfares, Hawaii (OGG)

Lahaina airfares, Hawaii (OGG)

Lahaina, Hawaii airfares

Lahaina, HI, United States

Lahaina means “merciless sun” in Hawaiian. It has got this name because of the hot and long days which are typical here. The only months when there is perceptible rain are December, January and February. This and its geographical position made the city the center of whaling industry in the 1800s. Some of the sailors made their home here so the population grew quickly and so did the town.

The city was the “Royal Capital of the Hawaiian Kingdom”, but only until it was annexed to the US. It lies on the island of Maui, South to Kaanapali and Kapalua. Lahaina is not the biggest town on the island but is one of the most important ones. The tourism here is mastered at the highest level. On very good example for this is that during a tourist season the population of the city can easily exceed 40,000. This compared to the 9,000 residents is a growth by 300%, which is incredible.

The city has a rich history which is exploited very well. Majority of tourist attractions were here for a long time and with only a bit of sense of business they were transformed into renamed points of interest. A very good example is the banyan tree, which is situated in Courthouse Square. The size of this strangling fig is purely immense: it covers an area which is two-third of an acre. Another attraction waiting for visitors is the fort in which antique cannons from around 1830 are exposed.

An event brought worldwide recognition to this region is the PGA Tour's Mercedes-Benz Championship which is held here since 1999.

Not only in the summer months is the city flooded by tourist. The Halloween is also a time of the year when the population becomes two-three times larger. This is a major celebration which annually attracts up to 30,000 tourists. The Keiki Parade is a local parade how the celebrate Halloween.

The whole island of Maui welcomed more the 2 million tourists both in 2004 and 2005, who spent no less than 3 billion dollars. There was a survey which shows that majority (around 88%) of visitors is from mainland US and Canada, while Oahu is more popular among international tourists. This means only one thing: there is an opportunity to gain many more tourists.

Only a few kilometers drive from Lahaina is Kaanapali, which its world famous beach and with more than 7 major resorts. North to Kaanapali is Kapalua, where can be found the Plantation Course – ranked as #1 in Hawaii – which is the home if one PGA Tour event. Here are major resorts too, including a Ritz-Carlton. There is chance also to rent luxury homes and villas.

The island has two airports – Kahului Airport and Kapalua Airport – which are enough to serve the needs of the tents of thousand of tourists who come here year after year. After landing you may find challenging to drive along the Road to Hana and enjoy the curvy roads along with the mountains from one side and the black sand beaches on the other, not forgetting the numerous waterfalls. You can also watch the most beautiful sunrise in the world at Haleakala National Park, but be sure to bring some warm clothing with you to the dormant volcano because the weather is nothing like on the beach. If you prefer the depths instead of the heights you may like to snorkel at almost any beach at Maui. This can be a breathtaking experience because of the exotic creatures you can meet underwater.

Maui being one forth of Maui Nui, and being the most developed and tourist oriented region, has all you need to spend your holiday in a pleasant and lovely environment with a lot of activities to choose from.

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