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Maui airfares, Hawaii (OGG)

Maui airfares, Hawaii (OGG)

Maui airfares, Hawaii (OGG)

Maui, Hawaii airfares

Maui: The second Largest Island in Hawaii

Overview of Maui

Maui is the second largest island in Hawaii and the 17th largest in United States. The city took the pride of being the best pacific island for the last sixteen years. Maui invites its travelers to explore its beautiful coastlines, lush green rain forests and luxurious resorts.

With a population of 150,000 people, Maui has much to offer in term of vacations, enjoyment and exploration. It is popular due to its lopsided dumb-bell shape, as it makes distinctive in terms of geography. The West Mountains of Maui are the remnant of the vanished volcano and this geology gives a nickname to the island “The Valley Isle”. The visitors, who are lingering for stylish diversions and facilities in the diminutive, admire it the most, as these amenities are available throughout the island. Maui houses eleven beautiful and activity filled cities, where a tourist can find anything from sparkling beaches to lush green interiors and from commercial centers to excellent shopping malls.

Maui Air Transportation

The central airport of Maui is Kahului Airport. It is the second largest commercial airport of the Hawaii State and located at 3 miles east of the Island near Haleakala. Most of the flights to this airport are routed in from Honolulu International Airport. The route of Honolulu to Kahului is the busiest air route in United States. The airport is well equipped and provides international level facilities to its passengers. The building of the airport is impressive with two security check terminals and has proper ticketing, inspection and baggage claim facility on the ground floor.

Other than the central airport, Maui has a regional airport as well. The Kapalua west Maui Airport is a regional airport located in the integrated town of Kapalua the Maui country. The airport was a privately owned airport but the new changes and facilities made by Maui Country Council made it a regional airport. It has a single runway with no air cargo facilities. These things prevent the airport commercialization of the airport as Kapalua Airport is mostly used to initiate flights from commuter airports on the other Hawaiian Islands by commercial commuter services like Island Air and Mokulele Airlines. General aviation and other air taxies also use Kapalua Airport for their unscheduled flights.

Cheap Maui Air Fare

You can search and compare airfares of the cheap flights to Maui that are provided by various vendors over the internet. By selecting your departure and destination points, you can find out the available routes of various airline companies along with their airfare. You can choose the most economical route that is from Los Angeles (LAX) to Maui (OGG) with an average price of 734$ only. However there are many other routes with different depart destinations.

What to see in Maui

There are many worth visiting places in this beautiful tropical vegetation. You can experience traditional Hawaiian celebrations at the places like Royal Lahaina Luau. You can also enjoy the drums of Makena luau with magnificent sunset views. If you are a nature lover, you can explore the natural scenery of Maui. You can unleash the marvelous beeches, breath taking volcanic landscapes, murmuring waterfalls and fantabulous scenes of divine. Above all, you can hire a whale-watching cruise where you can watch numerous humpback whales breeding the coasts of Maui in winter.

Haleakala National Park is another treat to watch in Maui, as from its summit you can see the spectacular view of eight islands. Wainapanapa State Park also comes in visitors lists due to its black sand beach, sea arch and sea caves.

When to Visit Maui

The high season to visit the Island is from December to the mid of March. This is the peak tourist times when all the resorts and hotels are swarming with tourists. You had better go for an advance booking months ago if you are planning a visit to Maui in the last two weeks of December. As humpback whales visit the island from December to March so it is the ideal time to watch the real treat.


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