New Haven airfares, Connecticut (HVN)

New Haven airfares, Connecticut (HVN)

New Haven, Connecticut airfares

New Haven also known as the Elm City

New Haven is located on the northern shore of long Island Sound. It is the second largest Municipality of Connecticut in the United States. The city is to be remembered for the first Tree plantation of America producing a large number of matured trees to protect Environment. New haven has been nicknamed as “Elm City” for this reason.

Overview of New haven:

New Haven was founded in the year 1638. In 1639 a network of eight roads were constructed in a grid of four by four forming squares which has been termed as Nine square Plan and is recognized as National Historic landmark The central common block is the centre of New Haven which is also the commercial hub.

New Haven Air transportation:

New haven can be accessed from any place to the Tweed- New Haven airport through regular US air Service. The city is linked with New York City by several mode of transport like Commuter rail, regional rail and Intercity rail. Since it is located at coastal intersection of Interstates, it is very well connected to New York other cities namely Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Canadian Border with Interstate Highway Network. People flying in internationally can change over at New York. The air transportation between New Heaven and New York is quite good. There are several cheap flights to New Haven available for regular commuters.

New Haven Airfare:

In a tour expenditure towards Airfare is the prime concern, which can be solved from the cheapest and affordable airlines available. Look for best deals in New Heaven airfare online. Even taking cheap airfares to Islip for landing close to the city is an option you can consider. Moreover, the airport is situated at a stones throw distance of 5 km making the airport accessible at very cheap rate. There are cheap flights from Chicago to New Haven also available for people coming from the windy city.

What to see in New Haven:

Major attraction of New Haven is Yale University Art Gallery. The Gallery presents unique oldest to modern painting and treasure collection of America, Europe, Egypt, Middle East, South Pacific and Far East. In one word it is Art Lovers paradise. Peabody museum of National History attracts you to the fossil dinosaur material. Tourist can have a demo of Creative body Therapies message and yoga centre if they so desire. The other places of tourist attraction are centre church, United Church and Trinity church situated in New Haven green.

Yale University Collection of Musical instruments-This is one of the largest museum in the world having more than 1000 musical instruments. Some other places of visits are Connecticut Children Museum, Al-Islam Mosque, Barnum Museum and Zoo to name a few.

When to visit New Haven:

Ideal period of visit is in spring when temperature remains moderate and less humid making visit to sight seeing places more comfortable and enjoyable.

New Haven Nightlife

When day’s activities come to an end New Havens colorful and lively nightlife starts with even more enthusiasm. New Haven is well known for its night life. Bars are equipped with excellent cocktails and dance floors. Places like Anchor are old and rocking because of the nearby Yale campus. Don’t miss out Christopher Martin’s live music on various days of the week.


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