Savannah airfares, Georgia (SAV)

Savannah airfares, Georgia (SAV)

Savannah, Georgia airfares

Savannah: Thriving Hub in Historic Environs

Overview of Savannah

Savannah is an important cultural hub in Chatham County, in the US state of Georgia. The earlier economy of Savannah revolved around the cultivation of silk, indigo and cotton. However, the modern Savannah economy is driven by the manufacturing industries, the port, the military presence and tourism. There is a lot in Savannah to enchant visitors. Tourists are fascinated by the city’s ancient architecture and buildings, which impart an antique charm to the bustling modern city.

Savannah Historic District ranks today among the biggest National Historic Landmark Districts in the US. The city boasts of several tourist attractions, including Temple Mickve Israel or the third oldest synagogue in the nation, the First African Baptist Church and the Telfair Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Savannah Air Transportation and Airfares

The city is easily accessible by various fronts. The Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport {SAV} is well served by several airlines, such as US Airways, Delta Connection, Continental Express and others. Brunswick is a neighboring airport in the state of Georgia from where you can use cheap airfares to Brunswick, while Charleston is a larger airport in the vicinity of Savannah. You can select your own cheap flights to Savannah. There are several busy air routes to Savannah, which can offer you cheap airfares. It includes the one between Pittsburgh to Savannah at $326.

Additionally, Amtrak runs a passenger terminal at Savannah for the Silver Service and Palmetto trains operating between Miami, {Florida} and New York City. Adequate mass transit in the region is enabled by Chatham Area Transit. You can avail yourself of free transportation to the Historic District, which is provided by the DOT or “downtown transportation”, and choose between a boat to Hutchinson Island and an express shuttle service. Savannah is crisscrossed by umpteen interstates and prime highways, including Interstates 16, 95, 516, the Veterans Parkway, Harry S. Truman Parkway, Victory Drive and others.

What to See in Savannah?

The Tybee Island is a popular coastal site with beaches and water sports to draw enthusiasts. The Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations have traditionally invited a surge of visitors from the city’s suburbs. The Bamboo Farm and Coastal Gardens normally interest the many to cavort in their lush landscape. Visitors to the city will find a plethora of tourist attractions to amaze and inspire them.

When to Visit Savannah

Savannah is inclined to flood during the rainy season. That should suggest to tourists to disconsider the months of June through September while planning an itinerary to the city. Being caught knee-deep in water cannot be everyone’s idea of innocuous thrill.

Nightlife in Savannah

Few tourists would crib at the nightlife in Savannah, home as it is to nearly a century of lively spots of night entertainment. There are many who would vouch for Hang Fire or Sushi Zen as a great spot for nocturnal fun. Don’t be surprised if night joints with such blatantly contradictory names as Frozen Paradise and Tropical Corner vie for your interest. Your choice can only prove the poetic conclusion of a rose by any other name smelling just as sweet.


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