United Kingdom airfares

United Kingdom airfares

London airfares

The most populous city in the European Union, London is the capital of the United Kingdom. Founded by the Romans London has a rich history filled with many important events. It has been the part of many movements and revolutions throughout history like the English renaissance, the gothic revival in architecture and the famous industrial revolution in the medieval period. London is also a very happening destination for tourists from all around the world, after all it is home to four of the world [...]

Manchester airfares

Beside these historical sights the city has many modern buildings too. The city is home to several skyscrapers, because of a new project to avoid the overcrowding of the city. Because the outskirts of the city are already swamped with residential buildings and to keep green areas in the city, the only option was to spread vertically. It is said that the number of tower cranes in use represents the wealth of a city. Well, in Manchester, there are seven skyscrapers under construction, other eight [...]


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