JetBlue’s Late Summer Sale Fares

Jet BlueOnce you’ve decided upon your summer holiday destination, the hardest part is yet to come.  Where to stay? What to do? And more importantly, how to get there? Well, no worries on that front! In order to save you the trouble of searching for the hottest airfare deal, we countdown the new sale fares offered by JetBlue and featuring summer hotspots such as Bermuda or Bahamas.

More exactly, with Jet Blue’s latest promotion the fares for the flights departing from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to Nassau Bahamas start at $29 one-way or $58 round-trip. While if you’re flying from New York City to Hamilton, Bermuda, the prices start at $238 round-trip. However, these fares do not include the additional taxes and fees. This promotion is available from September 1 until the last day of the month. There are also other conditions that you have to fulfill in order to catch this deal. For example it is required to purchase the ticket(s) with 7 to 14 days in advance. Therefore, for further reference, visit JetBlue’s Travel Deals Page.

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  1. tudi says:

    Hi Sharon. As I suggested to the other travellers that asked for prices for specific deals, please use our search engine located at, there’s a good chance you’ll find something worth purchasing with it, since we’re “crawling” through deals from all major travel websites and airlines. Hope you find the deal you’re looking for!

  2. Sharon Hogan says:

    Would like to purchase tickets from LAX to San Juan, Puerto Rico for departure December 5, 2009 and return December 13 for the following:

    2 adults
    1 senior
    1 child

    Please send me details as to your lowest rountrip (non stop) to

    Thank you.

    S. Hogan

  3. tudi says:

    Hi, please try our search engine at and use the above mentioned data to look for cheap deals during those days. Btw, is it October 2010 or 2009?

  4. b, harnden says:

    I am looking for airfare from Rochester, NY to Las Vegas, NV to leave October 21,2010 and return on October 25 or 26,2010

  5. tudi says:

    Hi Rafaela. There are a couple of ways to go about your request:

    1. You could check for current deals to the caribbean using our travel search engine:

    2. You can subscribe to this blog’s RSS feed (below), but you’ll be getting various other deals that we review in your feeds, not only caribbean deals.

    3. You can subscribe to the newsletter of our sister travel website, (but again, the newsletter contains various deals).

    Hope this helps!

  6. Rafaela Rivera says:

    I would like to be informed at anytime that you have a good deal on trips
    to go t0 the caribean

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