Escape this summer with a villa holiday

Mallorca Beach

Mallorca Beach ©hanspoldoja/Flickr

Sunshine-anticipating hysteria hits the UK after a few weeks of early heat every year. The people of Britain naively drag out their barbecues and parasols to expectantly greet the sun, but their hopes are inevitably dashed as the weather disappoints and the rain drenches everything.

Thankfully there’s one simple way to make sure that the sunshine is guaranteed: go on a holiday abroad where the weather’s better.

Fed-up Brits have been taking special note of this tactic this year – buoyed on by the rising pound and the incoming Olympics: foreign currency calculator Caxton FX recently commissioned a YouGov poll that showed a whopping 67% of Brits planned to holiday abroad this year. This exodus is in spite of squeezed household incomes and many government campaigns to encourage Brits to holiday at home.

For those travelling abroad, there are many accommodation options to choose from. However, villas are an increasingly attractive option for travellers who are looking for a bit more privacy and personality. So, if you’re planning a foreign break, here are three great villa destinations where sunshine is a total given:

Villas in Spain

Mallorca Beach, Spain

Mallorca Beach ©hanspoldoja/Flickr

Spain is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and the second most visited country in Europe behind France. Over 55m people visit the country every year to enjoy the region’s bustling cities, whitewashed villas, vivacious culture, and – of course – constant sun.

It’s surprising how cheap villas in Spain are at the moment: this summer has seen the pound rise to its highest level in quite some time against the euro, which means that beer can be as cheap as 1E in some traditional resorts – on the mainland and on popular tourist archipelagos like the Balearic Islands.

This means that villas in Majorca and other Spanish regions can be enjoyed in the full knowledge that considerably less spending money will be needed for a great holiday.

Italy villas for rent

Italy Villas

Italy villas ©Navin75/Flickr

Like Spain, Italy is also a huge tourist destination. International visitors flock to Italy over the summer to witness the country’s incredible and serene architecture that fills entire cities, such as Rome and Venice.

The countryside in Italy can be spectacular too, and villas in Italy can act as a convenient hub for exploring remoter areas like the rolling rural hills of Tuscany and the heel of Italy’s ‘boot’, Puglia.

Some tourist operators currently have offers such as free car hire so getting around is even easier.

rent a villa in Florida

Florida, or more specifically, Orlando, is one of the key destinations for sun-seeking British holidaymakers visiting the United States. And for good reason: Orlando basks in almost year-long sunshine and the tourist amenities and theme parks are incredible, especially for young families.

Villas are a common option in Orlando, perhaps as common as hotels, and an extensive range of Orlando villas can be found throughout the Sunshine State – most with a pool inside and a rollercoaster nearby!

There’s one way to beat the erratic British weather: go abroad! And the three destinations above are great places to enjoy a relaxing villa break.

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