Top cultural attractions in South Tyrol

The Kurhaus in Merano, art Nouveau assembly building

The Kurhaus in Merano Leo-setä/Flickr

The Northern Italian region of South Tyrol is a very special one, it is a tri-lingual area where three nations live together for hundreds of years in peace and prosperity. South-Tirolean culture melted together all the best of Italian, Austrian and Ladin and made it into one very exciting destination.

Imagine when German (Austrian) precision meets the dolce vita lifestyle of the Italians… Are you curious yet? Watch the short video below and you will surely start planning your South Tyrol getaway. But if not, let me push you a little further with the must-see cultural attractions of South Tyrol.

South Tyrol – Italy with a twist

Tyrol Castle

The Castle of Tyrol and the Archeological Museum that can be found there are amazing. The castle walls date back to the 11th century, which is very old, but not the oldest thing around. The visitors can see a perfectly preserved furnace from the Bronze Age, which is quite a thing.

You can also see how settlers lived in the Alps since the 7th century BC. The inside of the museum are not the only things to be admired, in the castle yard one can see original Romanesque style sculptures and the chapel with 13th century frescoes.

The Kurhaus in Merano

The Kurhaus in Merano, art Nouveau assembly building

The Kurhaus in Merano ©Leo-setä/Flickr

A little more recent than the castle, the Kurhaus is a wonderful Art Nouveau style health resort assembly building from the 19th century, the time when Merano was one of the most popular ‘wellness’ destinations of Europe. The illustrious visitors who came to the town could come here to socialize.

One of the most well known regular visitors of Merano was the famous Austria Empress, Elisabeth or Sissi.

Messner Mountain Museum and Firmiano Castle

The castle and museum are also called the enchanted mountain. The Mountain Museum was created by Reinhold Messner who unified the features of the ancient castle with modern structures of glass and steel.

Messner Mountain Museum and Castel Firmiano

Messner Mountain Museum ©suedtirol.altoaldige/Flickr

Visitors can take a tour around the mountain and admire the sculptures, cases and many other items. The white tower of the castle is dedicated mostly to the history of the castle and that of South Tyrol.

Churburg Castle

Built by the Bishops of Chur, Churburg Castle is a stunning Renaissance fortress that has a beautiful courtyard with arcades. The Castle is also famous for giving home to an exquisite armory, the largest private collection in Europe. You can only visit it with a guided tour, but it’s really worth the effort.

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