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Arcata airfares, California (ACV)

Arcata airfares, California (ACV)

Arcata airfares, California (ACV)

Arcata, California airfares

Arcata: Nestled in the Heart of "Six Rivers"

Overview of Arcata

Arcata is a small evocative city, which still preserves its Victorian architecture. It is adjacent to the Arcata bay and nestled in the heart of "Six Rivers" of Humboldt and Del Norte from the bay countries. The city is surrounded by Redwood Forested Coastal Mountains to the east and on the west, is the beautiful Pacific Ocean. The city rarely freezes in the winter and it is rarely hot in summers making the weather pleasant round the year. The population of the city is 16,651 and is the nation’s longest continuously operated semi-pro baseball team, which is playing consecutively every year since 1945.

Arcata Air Transportation

The closest airport, Arcata- Eureka, is located in McKinleyville. It was originally constructed by the United States Navy during World War II for the purpose of testing defogging systems for aircraft. This airport is one of the foggiest in the world, which can affect flights. There are currently three commercial lines viz. Delta Air lines, Horizon Air and United Airlines available to you for making to & fro journeys. The total area covered by the Airport is 745 acres and it comprises of two runways. You even have an alternate option, in the form of Arcata, California ARCATA (ACV) (0.0 miles), to choose from in case of an emergency.

Cheap Arcata Air Fare

For regular travelers to the city, there are several cheap flights to Arcata available from many reputed airlines. You’ll be amazed to know that for traveling from Columbus (CMH) to Arcata (ACV) with an average price of 387$. The changes in fares are subject to availability and other factors like public holidays or on weekends.

What to See in Arcata?

The Plaza, along with its flowerbeds, lawns and President McKinley’s statue, is considered as the social & commercial center of the city. There are delightful shops, which offer sports equipment, handcrafted merchandise, restaurants and boutiques lining the Plaza. There are also local bookstores & coffee houses that catch the interest of both locales and tourists. A must see is the national history museum and Arcata’s Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary.

There is an opportunity to view over 160 species of birds. People, who just want to relax, can go to the Mad River Beach County. Furthermore, for casino aficionado, Bear River Casino has 349 of the newest slot machines. Cher- Ae – Heights casino is situated on the cliff, giving a beautiful view and it comprises of two restaurants as well.

Night Life of Arcata

Arcata has a variety of pubs, lounges and casinos with live bands to pep up the mood. To enjoy the nightlife, some of the worth going places are Alibi Restaurant, Toby and Jack’s at the Plaza, Pearl Lounge, Cher- Ae- Heights casino and many more. In nearby Eureka, there is place Club West, which has University performers as an added attraction.

When to Visit Arcata?

Though the city can be visited anytime of the year, as the weather is pleasant but, the best time to plan a vacation in Arcata and make the most of it is June to October.

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