Mexico airfares

Mexico airfares

Acapulco airfares

If you are in the city of Acapulco then conveyance will never be a problem for you as buses, taxis, cabs are always available. Although, if you’ll opt for a bus, then you will face some problems as the city is a bit confusing. A Coloso cab is yet another option which can help you reach the old Acapulco and you’ll find them anywhere you’ll try. The scenario of Acapulco ALVRZ INTL airport is acceptably good and provides its tourists with year round flights and moreover, if you [...]

Cabo San Lucas airfares

The place abounds of various monuments and natural landmarks. Whales visit the city from January to March and you can catch a boat to have a look at them. They can be easily spotted in the sea during the month of March. To get up, close and personal with the whole city, one can take the city tour which has its stoppages at Land’s End, Sea Lion Colony, Lover’s Beach and the Dolphin Center. Land’s end provides the travelers with panoramic views of the sea and the nearby areas. [...]

Cancun airfares

Even the buildings and their placement here became a real attraction among the visitors. The majority of buildings in Cancun have fewer than four stories. When the city was built, a master plan was used to create supermanzanas. These are in fact super blocks, which are derived by the grid of streets. You can find here many cul-de-sacs, which help keeping the traffic away. Because of the reduced traffic, marketplaces are also typical for this area, just as parks and walkways. Historical monuments [...]

Cozumel airfares

Cozumel’s largest city is located on the northwestern side of the island. This is San Miguel de Cozumel. Most of the hotels and restaurants of the island are situated here, the city being the center of the local tourism. In the city you can find many attractions, most of which are situated on the Avenida Rafhel Melgar. This is the main street of the city running along the coast. One of the most popular places here is the Museo de la Isla, also known as the Museo de Cozumel. Here you can [...]

Mexico City airfares

Mexico City is the capital city of the Mexico and the most industrial, economical and cultural center in the whole country. The total population of this city is over 8,836,045 people. The Greater Mexico city has the population over 22 million people. This makes it the second largest populated city in the world and the largest metropolitan area in the western hemisphere. The Mexico City is basically located in the Valley of Mexico which is also known as the Valley of Anahuac. It is a large valley [...]

Puerto Vallarta airfares

The fact that agriculture is an important industry in the city, it ensures a rich local cuisine. Puerto Vallarta has some local specialties, such as Huachinango Sarandeado and Ceviche. The Huachinango Sarandeado is very popular among the lovers of intense tastes. The main ingredient of this food is rockfish, which is grilled, but prior to that it is marinated in a special sauce. The recipe of the sauce has many versions and sometimes it is a secret, but it includes roast peppers, spices and even [...]


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