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Europe Flights from $670 from Scandinavian Airlines

Thursday, August 18th, 2011
Airplane of Scandinavian Airlines - Boeing 737

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Fall in Europe is beautiful, especially in the Northern parts, you should come and check! With this Orbitz deal you can now fly to major cities in Europe from only $670. Scandinavian Airlines will take you to the Old Continent for discount prices. Pick one of the numerous US departure cities and then one destination and get yourself a fall holiday.

Visit the Northern part of Europe and enjoy the tranquility and beauty of Scandinavian cities such as Oslo and Stockholm or get to know Russian culture in Moscow. Get to know German hospitality in Hamburg or Dusseldorf or admire the architecture and beauty of Brussels in Belgium. (more…)

International Flights Sale from $927

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011
View over Hong Kong

View over Hong Kong

Although the US has got a lot of amazing vacation spots, you might want to upgrade your holiday perspectives to an international level. With Orbitz flight deals you can now venture to Europe, Australia and Asia for discount ticket prices and enjoy an overseas getaway alone or with your loved ones.

With these round-trip international flights on sale you are able to get to know Chinese culture in Hong Kong, Shanghai or Bejing, live a surfer’s life in the major cities of Australia, visit some of the most popular landmarks of the world in London or go to see the breathtaking landscapes of Norway while you enjoy Norwegian hospitality. And do all this for flight prices from only $927. (more…)

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