Bag your dream holiday on a budget

Summer holiday

Summer isn’t over yet, and there is still time to take the break you’ve been longing for. The Internet is full of deals and offers which are calling out to you: cheap flights on Expedia, car rentals and hotel offers advertised on every website and, worst of all, your friends are posting their photographs and holiday experiences all over their Facebook pages!

If it wasn’t for the cost, we’d all be sprawled out on a far flung beach sipping piña coladas, but going away this summer doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are some tips to ensure you can enjoy a holiday you will never forget, on a budget you wouldn’t believe.

Embrace the staycation

Beach at Torquay, Devon, United Kingdom


Though staying in the UK all summer doesn’t sound as glamorous as jetting off to the Caribbean, it can be just as exciting at a fraction of the price. The United Kingdom has the benefit of being an island, so driving in most directions will eventually bring you to a beautiful coastline. A seaside town like Torquay provides your family with the chance to relax on the beach; take part in a hike or indulge in some thrilling water sports such as water-skiing, diving or sailing, without the hassle of having to find your passport.

Consider taking part in a house swap

While you may have tired of the streets you grew up in, to an American these streets represent everything quintessentially British. If it’s something that you feel comfortable doing, swapping houses for a vacation means you get a unique self-catering experience which allows you freedom and privacy without having to worry about the cost of hotels and accommodation.

Arrange your foreign currency before going to the airport

Exchange money before you travel


Airport prices can be extortionate; money should only be exchanged at the airport when you’re absolutely desperate. There are many shops on the high street or online who will transfer or exchange your money for you ensuring a reasonable exchange rate. Remember to shop around before changing currency so that you don’t end up losing out. Never use credit or debit cards to exchange money, as some companies consider this a foreign transaction and can pile on additional costs.

Opt for budget destinations

By looking past the popular holiday destinations and resorts, you can enjoy a culturally rich and exciting country while paying less. Many countries in Central Europe, such as Croatia and Poland, offer budget food and accommodation, with free museums and monuments that will complete your holiday.

Look for last minute bookings

Towards the end of the summer holiday season, there are often fantastic deals which offer you the same activities, flights and accommodation for a fraction of the price. Research school holiday dates in other countries, too; hotel prices are usually reduced when schools are back in session, and you could end up saving a considerable amount.

Research package deals

There are an enormous amount of websites which offer deals on flights, accommodation, car rental and activities once you get to your destination. Combining the costs of flying and the accommodation for your family can reduce the cost of your holiday considerably. Additionally, self-catering apartments abroad often provide extra rooms at little cost; sharing your trip with another family can mean halving what you spend while giving you the chance to make some new friends.

Before booking anything, make sure you do your research. Be open to new ideas and get ready to be creative; holidays are much more fun when they don’t cost the world!

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