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The best sights in Spain for sports fans

Monday, October 14th, 2013
Plaza del Toros in Valencia

Plaza del Toros ┬ęShawn Chan/Flickr

Sports and Spain have serious history together. The country gives home to some of the world’s favorite football teams and it has got its own ‘domestic’ – but world famous – sports, mostly related to bulls. So if you like sports too and have the chance to visit this amazing Mediterranean country, do not miss the the best sights in Spain for sports fans.

The short video is just a taste of how the Spanish spend their time while practicing one of their most famous sport/adventure activity. If you want more than a few minutes, you will have to travel to Spain and see the real deals for yourself! (more…)

9 days Croatia and Slovenia vacation for $1399

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011
May 11

Dubrovnik Port

There is nothing more exciting and relaxing than a long European vacation, taking walks among the old building of the European cities and towns, getting to know new cultures and enjoying the diverse cuisine of the Old Continent. The countries of South-Eastern Europe are especially famous for their amazing architecture, kind people and old ports. With Travelzoo you can put your vacation-greedy eyes on Croatia and Slovenia traveling there and spending in the ancient cities 9 days for only $1399. Imagine yourself going down the streets of the old town of Dubrovnik, watching the sunset from the port of Split or maybe get a new perspective of love in Zagreb‘s famous Museum of Broken Relationships. (more…)

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