The best sights in Spain for sports fans

Plaza del Toros in Valencia

Plaza del Toros ©Shawn Chan/Flickr

Sports and Spain have serious history together. The country gives home to some of the world’s favorite football teams and it has got its own ‘domestic’ – but world famous – sports, mostly related to bulls. So if you like sports too and have the chance to visit this amazing Mediterranean country, do not miss the the best sights in Spain for sports fans.

The short video is just a taste of how the Spanish spend their time while practicing one of their most famous sport/adventure activity. If you want more than a few minutes, you will have to travel to Spain and see the real deals for yourself!

Bull racing in valencia

Plaza de Toros in Valencia

The Plaza de Toros, the bullring in Valencia was built in the years 1850 to 1860 in neo-classical style. Up to 16,800 people can be accommodated in the bullring. Most bullfights take place during the Festival but also during the first three weeks of March, during the Fallas, a Spanish Spring Festival.

Plaza del Toros in Valencia

Plaza del Toros ©Shawn Chan/Flickr


Of course, not only bullfights are held in Plaza de Toros. Often many other events such as theater performances, markets and even an Oktoberfest takes place here. Right next to the bullring you can find the Museo Taurino de Valencia or the Bullfighting Museum in Valencia that focuses on the 300 years history of bullfighting in Valencia. Find bullfights and other events in the arena that is open from Monday to Friday from 10 AM to 14 PM and on Saturday from 11 AM to13 PM. Admission prices may vary depending on the event, the weather and even the ‘quality’ of the bullfighting event, but to experience something related to bull races or fighting is an essential Spain adventure.

Camp Nou in Barcelona

Camp Nou is the largest football stadium in Europe, the home stadium of FC Barcelona. It can host nearly 100,000 spectators and it was awarded by UEFA with the Elite stadium award. In addition, it is also the biggest club stadium in the world. Constructions began in March 1954 and it was opened in 1957. The stadium also includes the FC Barcelona museum , Museu del FC Barcelona, where the history of the entire sports club is shown from the beginning to the present.

Inside Camp Nou

Inside Camp Nou ©Mario Sanchez Prada/Flickr

The stadium also has a Catholic chapel , in which the players can pray in front of a black Madonna before games – or after. The place can also be visited, the tour, also known as Camp Nou Experience begins in the club museum and then performs different areas of the stadium.

Do you have any favorite sport sight in Spain? Let us know about it in the comment section where would your ideal vacation take you!

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